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What is the ERCC?

Forum for coordination and information exchange, joint decision-making on state
electronics recycling laws

Managed by two respected non-profits – National Center for Electronics Recycling
(NCER) and Northeast Recycling Council (NERC)

Two Types of Members

            - Voting: State government with electronics take-back laws

            - Affiliate: industry, non-profits, state/local without legislation, trade associations


Why the ERCC?

Offers stakeholders a one-stop shop for information on state laws

Coordinates data gathering and information sharing

Formalizes joint, but non-binding, responses on key implementation issues

Provides discussions that lead to more harmonization across states on key issues

Addresses methods for identifying and reducing overlap, effectively saving resources

Provides a formal process for making decisions (i.e. new products, gray areas,
reporting guidelines)

Activities of the ERCC:

Brand-manufacturer tracking database

Consolidated online manufacturer registration system – www.ecycleregistration.org

Market share data gathering and joint purchasing for consistency across states

Collection Site Best Practices

Coordinated responses to non-compliant companies

Data tracking of performance measures

Workshops at E-Scrap Conference, presentations on state activity across country

Consumer awareness surveys

Benefits of ERCC Membership:

Monthly member calls with updates from member states on developments,
deadlines and data, and annual meeting

Members-only pages of ERCC website with in-depth analyses, Brand and
Manufacturer Tracking Database (consolidated, searchable 
database of all state
registration lists)

Participation and input into key projects as they move forward – registration
database, workshops, sales data, self-reporting database,consumer surveys,
guidance for CRT management, and more