Rhode Island


The RI Ewaste Legislation was signed in June of 2008, and applies to manufacturers of computers, monitors, combination units, laptops, televisions and video display devices with screens greater than nine inches diagonally for the express purpose of having individual manufacturers take financial responsibility of taking back and recycling their products at the end of the product's useful life from both households and public/private elementary & secondary schools. This law will help the State of Rhode Island better manage an increasing portion of its solid waste stream. The law does not cover printers and other computer peripherals (e.g. cables, mouse or keyboards) and numerous exemptions are included in the law (e.g. for computers/TVs/video display devices in cars and incorporated into large pieces of equipment, including home appliances).The law includes a ban on disposal of certain types of electronic waste at the state’s only Central Landfill (RIRRC)  which went into effect January 31, 2009.

Under the new law, manufacturers must either run their own take-back program or participate in a state run take-back program run by the RI Resource Recovery Corporation (RIRRC). Manufacturers must pay an annual $5,000 registration fee to RI DEM no later than January 1st each year, and an additional recycling fee to RIRRC based on Market Share for televisions and Return Share for Computers recycled in RI. Manufacturers intending to run their own Manufacturer Program or participate in a Group Manufacturer Program must attach a detailed implementation plan to their registration forms no later than Dec 15th of each year for the following calendar year. A report must be given to the Department no later than February 1 of each year detailing how the plan was implemented during the previous calendar year. In addition, a statistically significant sampling or actual count of covered electronic products collected (excluding televisions) and recycled each calendar year must be reported no later than January 1 of the following calendar year.

Electronics retailers are prohibited from offering "covered electronic products" for sale in Rhode Island from manufacturers not in compliance with RI's E-Waste Law. RI DEM maintains a list on its website for retailers to consul when determining which manufacturers are in/out of compliance.

Key Dates: Registration form and fee ($5,000) due November 30, annually.