Signed December 29, 2008, the manufacturer electronic device takeback program applies to households and small businesses (those employing 10 employees or fewer) purchasing new computers and televisions. It requires all manufacturers selling new computers, printers, and televisions in Michigan to register with the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and pay an annual registration fee of $3,000. Registration is required of any manufacturer that manufactured, sold, or imported more than 50 covered computers in calendar year 2000 or any subsequent calendar year or more than 50 covered video display devices in the previous calendar year. Manufacturers must establish a takeback program that is convenient and free for consumers and small businesses and make information on the takeback program available on the Internet for Michigan consumers. After April 1, 2010, all retailers, including internet, catalog, manufacturer direct, and in-state retailers, can only sell new computers and televisions manufactured by registered manufacturers.


Recyclers of covered electronic equipment must also annually register with the DEQ by October 30 and pay a fee of $2,000.  Recyclers must certify that they are recycling in a manner that complies with federal and state laws, including rules promulgated by the DEQ, and local ordinances, and they must employ industry-accepted procedures for the destruction of data.  Recyclers must maintain a documented environmental, health, and safety management system that may be audited and is compliant with or equivalent to ISO 14001.  Recyclers must also annually report the total weight of covered electronic devices recycled during the previous year and maintain records identifying all persons to whom the recycler provided electronic devices or materials for further processing.


Many communities, manufacturers, and retailers are sponsoring takeback programs in Michigan. To find out if there is a community collection program available, residents can contact their local recycling or household hazardous waste program.

Key Dates: Manufacturer registration deadline and fee of $3,000 due October 30, annually. Recycler registration deadline and fee of $2,000 due October 30, annually.


Last updated 12/29/17