The Minnesota law was passed in 2007 and some changes were put into effect on July 1, 2016. Manufacturers will now be assigned recycling obligations based on their market share of televisions and monitors (VDDs) sold to Minnesota household customers. For three years, manufacturers will receive individual obligations that are portions of the statewide recycling goals set in statute (25, 23, and 21 million pounds). Beginning July 1, 2019, the statewide obligation will be based on the actual weight of televisions and monitors collected for recycling. This law has been amended to show some changes in the reporting and credit definitions. Manufacturers that sell fewer than 100 devices per year no longer pay a registration fee. The registration fee for manufactures selling 100 or more devices is still equal to $2500.

The ban of CRTs from mixed municipal solid waste passed separately and was effective as of July 2006.

In Minnesota, CRT containing devices such as monitors and televisions are banned from the trash. Residents can take advantage of the growing number of recycling options for household electronics. CLICK HERE to conduct a search by county.

Key Dates:
Annual reports for collectors and recyclers due July 15. Collectors and recyclers are also required to register by this date.

Manufacturer registration forms are due August 15. The registration fee is now $2500 or $0, depending on the number of VDDs sold. Manufacturers must also report on how their previous assigned obligation was met by August 15. Dates for manufacturer obligations are as follows:

o   2016

-Manufacturers must report sales of VDDs from previous program year by August 1, 2016

-Individual recycling obligations are assigned September 1, 2016

o   2017 and beyond

-Manufacturers must report sales of VDDs from previous calendar year by March 1

-Individual recycling obligations are assigned May 1

Last updated 12/22/17