New Jersey

New Jersey's producer responsibility law was signed into law in January 2009. Their law requires manufacturers to pay a registration fee to the NJDEP and establish a collection, transportation and recycling system, independently or jointly, for the recovery of computers, monitors and televisions. Registered television manufacturers must submit a plan to the DEP to collect, transport and recycle used televisions based on the television manufacturer's market share. Registered manufacturers of other CEDs must submit a plan to the DEP to collect, transport and recycle covered electronic devices based on the return share in weight. A registration fee of $5000 must be submitted with registration forms. If a manufacturer produces both televisions and other covered electronic devices, two registration fees must be paid. Recycling programs were required to be implemented by January 1, 2011 (and the disposal ban also went into effect at this time). As of January 1, 2010, a manufacturer or retailer cannot sell covered electronic devices in New Jersey unless they are properly labeled.

Key Dates: Manufacturer registration form and $5,000 fee due January 1, annually. Each registered television manufacturer’s renewal shall include an annual report and recycling plan.