Law signed on October 23, 2009. This law calls on manufacturers of computers, monitors, TVs, printers and other covered electronics devices (CEDs) to meet collection goals tied to what they are selling. It includes a ban on use of prison labor and a disposal ban. Wisconsin's electronics recycling law covers electronics sold to/used by Wisconsin households, K-12 public schools and Parental Choice Program schools. While businesses, institutions and others not included in these groups may see some benefits from the new electronics recycling infrastructure in Wisconsin, they cannot recycle electronics through E-Cycle Wisconsin. Electronics recycling options in Wisconsin vary depending on location and types of devices. Even if a collector or recycler is registered with the state, be sure to ask questions about what devices they will take, any fees you may have to pay, how they handle personal data (such as on computer hard drives) and other topics. CLICK HERE for a list of collection sites by county. The law does not require manufacturers or retailers to take back all electronic devices, and in some cases households and schools may still pay a recycling fee or be limited in the number of devices they can recycle at one time.

An entity must register under E-Cycle Wisconsin if it manufactures CEDs to be sold under its own brand, sells CEDs manufactured by others under its own brand, licenses its brand for manufacture and sale of CEDs by others and has not designated the licensee as the responsible party, or is a licensee designated by the licensor as the party assuming responsibility. Manufacturers covered under Wisconsin's electronics recycling law must submit an annual registration form to the DNR, pay an annual fee upon registration, report annually on sales of CEDs to Wisconsin households and covered schools, track and report annually the weight of eligible electronic devices (EEDs) they recycle in Wisconsin, ensure that all CEDs sold under their brand in Wisconsin bear a manufacturer's label that is permanently affixed and prominent, and pay shortfall fees if they do not meet their recycling targets. A manufacturer may carry out its responsibilities jointly with other manufacturers and may participate with other manufacturers in creating an entity to collect and recycle EEDs. Manufacturer registration fees are as follows: $5,000 for manufacturers that sell 250 CEDs or more to Wisconsin households, K-12 public schools and Parental Choice Program schools during the previous program year, $1,250 for manufacturers that sell between 25 and 249 units, and $0 for manufacturers that sell fewer than 25 units.

A collector participating in E-Cycle Wisconsin receives eligible electronic devices from households, K-12 public schools or Parental Choice Program schools and delivers, or arranges for the delivery of, the devices to a registered recycler. There are no restrictions on who can be a collector. Collectors may include local governments, non-profits, businesses, schools and others. CLICK HERE for more information about becoming a Wisconsin collector.

A participating recycler accepts eligible electronic devices from collectors or directly from Wisconsin households, K-12 public schools or Parental Choice Program schools for the purpose of recycling. Recyclers ONLY accepting electronic devices from another recycler, and not directly from a collector or the Wisconsin public, do not need to register under E-Cycle Wisconsin. Registration is also not required if the recycler only accepts EEDs from businesses, institutions and others not included in E-Cycle Wisconsin. For more information about becoming a Wisconsin recycler CLICK HERE.

Key Dates: Manufacturer registration and fees due September 1, annually. Collector registration is August 1, annually. Recyclers also have a registration due August 1, annually, and a mid-year report due February 1, annually.

Last updated 12/22/17