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e-Cycle Compliance Calendar Website

The Electronics Recycling Coordination Clearinghouse (ERCC) has officially launched the e-Cycle Compliance Calendar website. This website is a one-stop location for stakeholders such as collectors, manufacturers and recyclers to view and track requirements across the 25 state electronics recycling laws. The vision for the e-Cycle Compliance Calendar website originally sprung from conversation among ERCC members who wanted a comprehensive and public resource for tracking the complicated requirements under state electronics recycling laws. The multi-year effort to develop the database and website involved state agencies reviewing information about their laws as well as ERCC members giving input on the most effective ways to view and report data.  The site was made possible by a contribution from the Consumer Technology Association. The e-Cycle Compliance Calendar website is available as a free resource at http://ecyclingcompliance.org. Any user can create and save custom reports by signing up for an account. With an account, users may also choose to receive email alerts for specific state deadlines or changes. The website will be maintained and updated by ERCC administrators. To be involved in the ongoing development process with this project and others, check out membership options by going to the ERCC website at: https://www.ecycleclearinghouse.org/contentpage.aspx?pageid=86