Manufacturer Registration Dates

State ResponseNotes
DC2024-10-01The deadline was changed from 12/31 to 10/1, starting in 2023, through legislation passed by the DC Council. Registration forms will be posted on this page by early August 2023 - https://doee.dc.gov/node/1239556
MD2025-03-01A manufacturer who has not registered AND paid the appropriate registration fee is not considered registered and open to enforcement actions.
MI2024-10-30Until October 1, 2025, a manufacturer's registration shall be accompanied by an annual fee of $3,000.00. However, if the amount of money in the fund on December 31 of any year is greater than $600,000.00, the department shall not collect manufacturers' registration fees for the following state fiscal year. Registration forms can be found on the DEQ website and should be e-mailed to: EWasteRegistration@michigan.gov to begin the administrative review process while the payment is being processed. Or registration can be done via the EcycleRegistration website. Manufacturers document their sales for the program year, formally calculate their recycling obligation, document purchases of eligible recycled pounds of covered electronic devices and/or recycling credits, calculate fees owed for unmet obligation or "recycling credits" earned for exceeding obligation, and make payment.
MN2024-08-15Manufacturer registration forms due August 15 or within ten days of video display devices being offered for sale to households. The registration fee for manufacturers that sell 100 or more video display devices to households in the state during the previous calendar year is $2,500, plus a variable recycling fee. The variable recycling fee is calculated according to the formula: [A - (B + C)] x D, where: A = the manufacturer"s recycling obligation as determined under section 115A.1320; B = the number of pounds of covered electronic devices recycled by a manufacturer from households during the immediately preceding program year, as reported under section 115A.1316, subdivision 1; C = the number of phase I or phase II recycling credits a manufacturer elects to use to calculate the variable recycling fee; and D = the estimated per-pound cost of recycling, initially set at $0.50 per pound for manufacturers who recycle less than 50 percent of the manufacturer"s recycling obligation; $0.40 per pound for manufacturers who recycle at least 50 percent but less than 90 percent of the manufacturer"s recycling obligation; $0.30 per pound for manufacturers who recycle at least 90 percent but less than 100 percent of the manufacturer"s recycling obligation; and $0.00 per pound for manufacturers who recycle 100 percent or more of the manufacturer's recycling obligation. Manufacturers must also report on the total weight of covered electronic devices the manufacturer collected from households or recycled or arranged to have collected and recycled during the preceding program year. These reports are also due August 15.
MO2025-01-31No manufacturer fee is required in Missouri. Manufacturers must provide a publicly available Internet link that includes collection, recycling and reuse information for all manufacturers brands both in use and no longer used. A variety of collection mechanisms are acceptable in Missouri including physical collection sites, collection events and mail-backs. Annual registration forms are not mandated - except in cases where manufacturers are not conforming. However, manufacturers do have to fill out new registration forms if there are modifications to existing details in their registration forms.
NC2024-07-01TV Annual fees: $2,500; CE Annual fees: Level I: $15,000; Level II: $7,500; Level III: $2,500; June 30: Annual Renewal Registration Fee due for Television Manufacturers; July 1: Annual Renewal Registration Fee due for Computer Manufacturers
NJ2025-01-01For renewals, Log on to NJDEP Online via the myNewJersey Portal at http://www.nj.gov/ or via http://njdeponline.com. The Group Designation Form must be submitted prior to collection plan submission https://www.nj.gov/dep/dshw/ewaste/groupform.pdf.
OR2024-12-31Registration is open from October 15 to December 31. Invoices for registration fees are sent May 1. Manufacturers are placed in one of seven tiers, depending on their market share from the previous calendar year. Each tier is assessed a certain fee, which ranges from $40 to $35,000.
PA2024-08-31$5,000 fee. Manufacturers of only computer peripherals do not need to register with the department in order to sell their computer peripherals in Pennsylvania.
RI2024-10-15The registration must include the list of brands, a statement about whether the manufacturer is implementing a manufacturer program or utilizing the State Program, a copy of the manufacturer's proposed collection and recycling plan, appropriate contact information and a $5,000 registration fee.
SC2025-02-15$3,500 individual fee or $20,000 collective fee from representative organization. Registration not required when less than 100 units were sold in the previous year. 30 days after receipt of invoice (billing begins March 1).
SC2025-03-01$3,500 individual fee or $20,000 collective fee from representative organization. Registration not required when less than 100 units were sold in the previous year. 30 days after receipt of invoice (billing begins March 1).
TX2025-01-31There is a $2,500 annual registration fee and form due January 31st for tvs only. Manufacturers participating in a Recycling Leadership Program are not required to pay a fee. There is a one-time registration for computers. No annual registration or fee required.
VT2024-07-01Manufacturers are responsible for paying two fees: 1. The first is a Registration fee, which will cover the Agency administrative costs of the Vermont program. This invoice will be billed annually in January. 2. The second fee is an Implementation fee, which covers the costs of collection and recycling of the electronic waste under the State Standard Plan. This fee is billed quarterly (in April, July, and October, and January) only to those manufacturers participating in the State Standard Plan. Both fees will be based on the manufacturer’s market share by weight of devices sold during the prior program year. Payments will be due within 45 days of the invoice date. No fees will be assessed or due at the time of registration.
WA2025-01-01The administrative fee will be distributed among manufacturers on a sliding scale based on tiers that are representative of annual sales of covered electronic products in or into Washington state. The state publishes the preliminary tier schedule on their website by June 1 of each calendar year.
WI2025-03-01Registration fees are determined by how many covered devices are sold to Wisconsin households and K-12 schools during the previous program year. The fee is: -$5,000 for manufacturers that sold 500 covered electronics; $1,250 for manufacturers that sold 250 to 499 covered electronics; and $0 for manufacturers that sold fewer than 250 covered electronics.
WV2025-01-01Any manufacturer that manufactured an average of more than one thousand covered electronic devices (CED's) per year in the past three-year period is required to register with the state of West Virginia. If a manufacturer has not manufactured more than one thousand CED's per year in the past three-year period a letter of explanation must be sent to the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection for compliance purposes. Registration is based on the number of CED's "manufactured" by the manufacturer NOT on the number of CED's "sold" within West Virginia. All registration fees collected shall be deposited in the Covered Electronic Devices Takeback Fund which is to be administered by the Department of Environmental Protection. Expenditures from the fund shall be for grants for recycling or other programs that divert covered electronic devices from the waste stream. A fee of $5,000 is required if an approved takeback or recycling program is not established within West Virginia. A fee of $500 is required if an approved takeback or recycling program has been implemented in the prior year within West Virginia.

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