Advantages of Affiliate Membership

In addition to the Voting Members, the ERCC includes an affiliate, non-voting membership made of electronics manufacturers, recyclers and other industry organizations.

Benefits of an Affiliate Membership:

1. Affiliate members can provide information directly to the decision makers and help to identify developing issues and solutions.

2. Affiliate members can meet with state regulators to discuss the various aspects of electronics recycling legislation, and propose areas for harmonization or coordination. Membership meetings are held at least once a year and membership conference calls take place monthly or bi-monthly, with subgroup calls more frequently. Affiliate members are non-voting but are encouraged to participate in discussions.

3. Affiliate members have a single, consistent process to obtain important information needed to make timely decisions about issues affecting multiple states.

4. The ERCC website provides up-to-date information and resources to government, industry and not-for-profit audiences. The ERCC provides affiliate members with the opportunity to reach these audiences through direct links to their organization's website or available resources.

5. Membership includes affiliate member access to the Brand & Manufacturer Tracking Database.

6. The host organizations are seen by both states and affiliates as being neutral and not as advocate or lobbying organizations for any particular political or ideological interest.

Annual Membership Cost:

States Without Legislation - $750

Industry – Based on Sales:
< $200 million sales = $2,250
$200 million - $1 billion sales = $3,250
> $1 billion sales = $4,500

Trade Associations – Based on number of employees and annual budget: $2,250 to $4,500 Annually

NGOs - $750 

Foreign Government - $1,000

Contact Jason Linnell (NCER) at jlinnell@electronicsrecycling.org or Megan Fontes (NERC) at executive.director@nerc.org to become an affiliate member of the ERCC.