Law passed in 2007 requires manufacturers that sell new computer equipment in or into Texas to offer consumers a free recycling program and be on the TCEQ's list of manufacturers. Computer equipment comprises desktop and laptop computers, monitors (display devices without a tuner), and the accompanying keyboard and mouse made by the same manufacturer. Each manufacturer must submit a notification and recovery plan that is verifiably from the manufacturer. Or, if working through or with other companies, or through a consortium, the manufacturer must provide verifiable, written documentation attesting to its participation in the program.


Manufacturers are only required to collect and recycle computer equipment purchased by individuals primarily for personal or home-business use. If you own computer equipment with no brand name or made under a brand name that is not listed on TCEQ’s list of manufacturers, you can check the manufacturers' Web sites to see which manufacturers will accept other brands. Or you can consider other recycling options (PDF).

Key Dates: Annual report due January 31, annually.

TV manufacturer registration fee deadline: January 31, 2013