Law signed in March 2006 requires producer responsibility as of January 1, 2009.  Households, small businesses, schools & school districts, small governments, special purpose districts, and charities can recycle electronic products free of charge in this program.

To be compliant with the law, manufacturers must label their products with the brand name, register annually with the Department of Ecology, pay the annual administrative fee and join the standard plan or create an independent plan to manage their equivalent share of collected electronic products. Covered electronic products include televisions, computer monitors, desktop and laptops computers, tablets, and P-DVD players.

To be a “collector” for this program and be eligible to receive compensation, you must have a valid license to do business in Washington State, gather covered electronic products (CEPs) from households, small businesses, school districts, small governments, and charities submit these CEPs to a Covered Electronic Product recycling plan. CLICK HERE for more information about being a collector in Washington State.

In order to be a “transporter” for this program and be eligible to receive compensation for transporting CEPs (televisions, computers, laptops, and monitors), transporters must register with the Department of Ecology. CLICK HERE for more information about becoming a transporter in Washington State.

Direct processors in Washington are required to:
Have a contract with a CEP Recycling Plan, be identified in an Ecology approved CEP Recycling Plan, register annually with Ecology, update their registration information within 14 days of any changes, meet the minimum performance standards, and comply with annual performance standard audits. CLICK HERE for more information about becoming a processor in Washington State.

As of January 1, 2007, no retailer may sell or offer for sale a CEP to any person in Washington State unless the CEP bears a label with the manufacturer’s brand and unless they are registered on Dept. of Ecology website.

The Washington State Department of Ecology maintains a database of recycling opportunities available in Washington State. If you are a Washington resident looking for recycling locations in your area CLICK HERE.


Key Dates: Manufacturer registration and fees due January 1, annually. By March 1st of the second program year and each program year thereafter, the authority and each authorized party shall file with the department an annual report for the preceding program year.


Last updated 12/28/17