Utah’s electronic waste recycling bill was the 25th electronics recycling bill signed into law in 2011.  Utah’s legislation is different from other state laws in that it does not mandate recycling, nor does it require manufacturers to fund recycling programs in the state.

The law requires manufacturers of computers (desktops, laptops, tablets, etc.), computer peripherals (keyboards, printers), televisions (CRTs, flat screens), and television peripherals (DVD players, VCRs, satellite receivers, etc.), which offer their devices for sale in Utah to:

  • Establish and implement a public education program designed to educate consumers on how to recycle those devices;
  • Describe locations (including mail-back options) where a consumer can recycle those devices; and
  • Submit an annual report by August 1 of each year to the Utah Department of Environmental Quality.

The law does not require manufacturers to:

  • Submit registration fees, or
  • Fund electronic waste recycling programs in the state.

Although the law does not mandate recycling in Utah, nor does it create a landfill ban on electronic waste, it does encourage manufacturers to create partnerships with local government agencies (and non-profits) to facilitate electronic waste recycling.

Since the law passed, there has been significant manufacturer-funded electronic recycling occurring in Utah, from both manufacturers directly and through their representative associations and retail groups.  These manufacturers and their representative have created partnerships with local agencies and non-profits to facilitate recycling in several areas of the state.  However, there are many areas which do not have convenient and accessible electronic waste recycling options.


The DEQ encourages manufacturers to continue current participation and to promote new recycling programs across the state.

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